My name is Sara Mazaheri Jones. I am a psychiatrist, passionate in helping those wrestling with Anxiety and Depression.  I have seen the impact on very bright, brilliant people. It is wonderful to see the difference when they get better and feel more empowered. Maybe it is because I personally have wrestled with anxiety and depression and have seen how they can impact a life and hinder one from all great potentials they have, that now I want to help others.

Anxiety and depression can be caused by different things and affect different areas of life. Relationship discord can be both cause and effect. And it is so common. I have gone through that too. Our stress was caused by psycho-social impacts of medical conditions.

 There were days I just wanted to run away due to high anxiety or wanted to stay under my blanket due to depression. Anxiety and depression have stolen the ability to dream, potentials, and productive days from me. I guess my personality, and being vulnerable and susceptible has made this work a perfect fit for me.

 I  have gotten extra training in psycho-dynamic psychotherapy and IMAGO relationship therapy to understand more about the nature of the human mind, emotions, and feelings and how we relate to each other. In addition, I have been in therapy myself, since the second year of my residency, so I understand what therapy is and how it works.


P. S: I have written a book  called "Break Free From Anxiety and Depression, How to Thrive in Work, School And Relationships No Matter What Life Throws At You." It is a great asset to go with the course. If you like paper copy it is available through Amazon too.