You are God’s masterpiece. Beautiful, majestic. Look around you. Look at trees that are well stretched. Look at beautiful birds, look at the skies and photos Hubble telescope sends us of the space! Mind-blowingly beautiful. SO ARE YOU. We tend to not look at our greatness and anxiety and depression makes it even harder to do so. That is why I call them thieves. You go to college, to university, you graduate, full of dreams and potentials. And then… Anxiety and depression can make you doubt yourself.


This course is designed to teach you information and skills, so you are more familiar with one of the contributors to anxiety and depression, Relationships. Many people feel it is because they are weak that they experience anxiety or depression. NOT AT ALL.


This course is aimed to come alongside any treatment like therapy or medication management, you have gotten or are getting, to empower you even further, to give you further understanding. 

I aim at providing lifelong understanding aimed to strengthen decision-making, and accomplishing to help you make the transition from the overwhelming and all-consuming anxiety and depression to a life of emphatic relationships, self-compassion, and healthy living,


Remember that you can do this. Fill the world with your knowledge and personality and get ready to share it with the world!